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November 18, 2012
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Wanna Race? Redux by CyonixGFX Wanna Race? Redux by CyonixGFX
Three years ago (has it really been THAT long?), I created what quickly became my favorite render: Wanna Race? (Find it here: [link]). And while it still is one of my favorites, there's always been a few things about it I felt could use some when I created the Redux version of my Dark Angel render a few months ago, I knew that I would eventually give it the Redux treatment.

Anyways, looking back at the original render, a few things stood out to me:

1) The girl. There's a few things about the girl I wanted to fix, the most important being her skin. Originally, I was going for a blue-skinned alien chick, but somehow she ended up kinda gray (I think the shader I used back then had something to do with it). So, for the Redux version, I decided to make sure she ended up blue by taking the textures in Photoshop (this time using the textures from Kay V4 by DMR instead of the default V4 textures) and recolored them. Also, I realized she simply used the default V4 body in the original render, so I decided to use the A4 body this time (mainly because the J-Suit works well with A4's body morphs). The face, however, still uses the same morph as it did in the original (Sara V4 by Niebla - link in credits)

2) Her hair. While I think that hairstyle (Aleaseya Hair by Propschick) works for her (trust me, I tried using different hair models....but I just kept going back to the original), the texture it uses just looks a bit flat. So I took the textures from another hair model, refitted them to the Aleaseya template, and recolored them in Photoshop.

3) The outfit. Again, the outfit just works for her, but the more I look at the original, the more I think the outfit just looks kinda...dull. So I decided to use some shaders from one of the Genesis Supersuit packs (I think they're called 'Glitterpaint' and are found in the Sci-Fi Pack). And while I tried to keep the original red & white color scheme, the white shaders kept ending up too I opted for black instead.

Throw in some new scenery, a new vehicle and some new lights and my NEW favorite render is finished! (And kudos to you if you actually read all that :P )

(Oh, and I've decided to give her a name: Kira. Why am I giving her a name? Because you'll likely see her again...)

V4 with A4 Body Morph - DAZ
Sara Face Morph for V4 - Niebla (Freebie: [link])
Kay for V4 (Textures only & Recolored in Photoshop) - Danie, marforno & LadyRhi
Actual Eyes 2 - MindVision G.D.S.
Aleaseya Hair - Propschick
7 Shades for Flexy Hair (Textures modified in Photoshop to fit Aleaseya Hair) - Kaleya
J-Suit - KookNFat
Boots from Sexy Leather - Pretty3D (Freebie: [link])
Supersuit Sci-Fi Pack (Outfit Shaders ONLY) - DAZ
Interceptor Hover Bike - Serrge
GIS Skyway - Jack Tomalin
Future Height (GIS Skyway Texture Pack) - Moyra
Dystopia City Blocks - DAZ
Portrait Lights - Lantios

Built and rendered in DAZ Studio 4 Pro, No Postwork other than adding the border
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WooganOOOg May 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
She's lovely Cy. Beautiful work, again. I like your work.
Emilyahedrick Nov 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice render!
Emilyahedrick Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
welcome :D :hug:
Love the use of colors, and some really good ideas.

One way I've changed colors on skins is to hit PS, desaturate the pieces, work on bright/contrast (make sure they match!), and use surface diffusion to change colors.
ExGemini Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love how you used that colors on her suit :nod:
fawad87 Nov 18, 2012  Student
its beautiful!
nice work
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